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Hot water is something we all need on a daily basis for one reason or another, be it too clean or to find comfort in.

Here at Discount Plumbers we receive countless calls from homeowners experiencing this type of situation. What we generally hear is that their water heat comes and goes and the water pressure has dropped as well. We’re more than happy to share any wisdom we can on the plumbing front, and we’re gonna talk a bit about an item within your hot water heater that is most likely the reason you are having problems, and that’s your mixing valve. Keep on reading and see if any of this sounds like your house.
Tank or Storage Water Heaters Facts:
Looking for professional water heater replacement for your Minneapolis/St. Paul or surrounding area home? The water heater experts at Discount Plumbers can provide you with fast, reliable water heater replacement services year round. Our highly skilled technicians offer convenient appointment times and fully stocked trucks so your home can get back to optimal comfort levels quickly and affordably. Get started by consulting with the qualified professionals at Discount Plumbers, and we’ll help you determine the option best suited to your water heating needs.
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Hot water tanks that are adequately serviced and maintained can last many years longer if the common problems that arise are carefully addressed by a professional plumbing and heating technician, such as Canada Plumbing.
There are six common signs to look for when determining whether or not you need to replace your water heater. They include, but are not limited to:
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